Business licences

What is a business license?

Business license means a document issued by a competent state agency certifying an enterprise/organizations/individual(s) fully meet(s) all conditions for production and trade in conditional business lines according to provisions of law.

What types of business licenses are there?

Vietnamese law requires 243 conditional business lines, and for each business line, there will be a corresponding license. Licenses are usually presented in the following forms: Business license, establishment license, operation license, certificate of eligibility, practice certificate, written confirmation, etc.

What support does Bizlawyer provide to enterprises during the licensing process?

Conditions and procedures for applying for a license are prescribed in many legal documents. Therefore, enterprises often face difficulties and embarrassments when carrying out this procedure. Understanding provisions of law on the types of licenses mentioned-above, Bizlawyer – a place of leading lawyers, consultants, with many years of experience in this field, is ready to provide clients with comprehensive and professional consulting services on conditions, procedures for applying for licenses on a national scale.