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Registration of providing an e-commerce trading floor website

01. Conditions for application

If a company would like to provide a website enabling other traders, individuals, organizations to conduct part or whole of the process of buying and selling goods and services on that website (E-commerce trading floor), it must register the website with competent state authorities.

02. Applicable laws

1. Decree No. 52/2013/NĐ-CP
2. Circular No. 47/2014/TT-BCT
3. Circular No. 04/2016/TT-BCT

03. Procedure

Step 1: Prepare a set of the following documents

1. Registration form for e-commerce service websites

2. An authenticated copy of Establishment Decision (for organizations), Certificate of Enterprise Registration or Investment Certificate (for traders)

3. Plans to provide services

4. Statute of management of e-commerce service websites comprises:

a) Subject matters

b) Method and time limit for handling violations of the e-commerce service websites upon detection.

5. Forms of service contract or cooperation agreement between traders and organizations that are in possession of e-commerce service websites and traders, organizations and individuals who take part in the buying and selling of goods and services on such websites.

6. General trading conditions applied to the buying and selling of goods and services on the website (if any)

Step 2: Register an account at the website
Step 3: Submit the file to the website
Step 4: The Ministry of Trading and Industry shall, within 07 working days from the date of registration, make a response about the validity of the registered file to the account.
Step 5: If the file is not valid, the applicant shall make an amendment, supplementation within 30 working dáy from the date of receipt of notification for such amendment, supplementation at the account.
Step 6: If the file is valid, the applicant shall submit hard copies of the file to Department of Electronic Commerce and Digital Economy (Ministry of Industry and Trade)
Step 7: The Ministry shall, within 05 working days from the date of receipt of valid file, send a confirmation of registration through the registered email of the applicant. In case the hard copes do not match the file submitted online, the Ministry shall send a notification via the email of the applicant for amendment and supplementation.

04. Processing Time 42 working days

05. Service fee VND 20 million

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