Intellectual property

Intellectual property rights are rights of organizations and individuals to intellectual property, including copyright and rights related to copyright, industrial property rights and rights to plant varieties.

Previously, in Vietnam the registration of intellectual property protection has not really been taken seriously in accordance with its position and role. Therefore, there have been many disputes arising, but the author /owner has not been able to protect his intellectual property rights because he has not previously registered for protection with National Office Of Intellectual Property Of Vietnam. Therefore, when disputes related to intellectual property rights arise, its authors/owners have not been able to protect their rights due to not having registered to protect them at Intellectual Property Of Vietnam.

Understanding the importance of intellectual property, a team of experienced and knowledgeable legal consultants in this field of Bizlawyer will provide clients with following services: establishing intellectual property rights (rights to trademarks, industrial designs, inventions/utility solutions, copyrights; licensing/transfering of intellectual property rights) in Vietnam and other countries; monitoring and protection of intellectual property rights (investigating, complaining violations and participating in dispute settlement) in countries where intellectual property rights have been established.