Business license for employment service

Reference situation:

A company established in 2018 is going to do business in the following employment service:

  • Advising employees about job selection, training level and places satisfactory to their demand and ability
  • Advising employees about their job selection satisfactory to their demand and ability; skills on passing recruitment exams;  and seeking jobs inside and outside the country
  • Advising employers about labor recruitment and management; human resource management and development; and employment and job development
  • Introducing potential employees to potential employers
  • Collecting, analyzing, forecasting and providing with information about the labor market

Our legal advice:

In this situation, the employment services that the company would like to provide is the conditional business under Vietnamese laws. Accordingly, the company must obtain a business license on employment service in a Department of Labour, Valids and Social Affairs before providing such services officially.

According to Decree No. 52/2014, one should note about the following problems regarding the procedures for the issuance of a business license for employment service:

  • Requirements:

– The company must maintain a stable location for more than 03 years (36 months); the company must show valid documents evidencing its right to use the location

– The company must transfer VND 300,000,000 (in words: three hundred million Vietnam dong) to an escrow account, opened with the bank where the company opened its main transaction account.

  • Necessary documents:

– An application form

– A copy of the escrow certificate issued by a bank, which was certified by a notary office or by a commune People’s Committee

– Proof of the company’s location

  • Licensing authority: Hanoi Department of Labour, Invalids and Social affairs
  • Time to get results: 20 working days from the date on which the Department receives sufficient, valid documents
  • Note: the company needs to publish its operation in media, and to notify the Department about its starting date of operation before it operates.

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