Procedures for establishment of information technology center

Nowadays, technology is increasingly developing, therefore, the application of computer becomes closer and more practical in life. The increase in the demand for computer training lead to the increase in the number of information technology center (“IT center”). In this article, Bizlawyer will give our protetial clients legal advice about necessary procedures for establishment of IT center.

Legal grounds:

  • Decree No. 46/2017/ND-CP on investment business conditions in educational activities;
  • Decree No. 135/2018/ND-CP on amendment and addition to Decree No. 46/2017/ND-CP ; and
  • Circular No. 21/2018/TT-BGDDT on promulgation of regulation on organization and operation of foreign language and IT center.

In order to IT center is operated, the following steps need to be carried out:

Step 1: The establishment of IT center

• Components of applications:

  1. A proposal for the establishment of the center;
  2. A scheme for the establishment of the center, which include the following content: the center’s name, the center’s location, legal eligibility for the center’s establishment; objectives of the center;  teaching program and training scale; facilities of the center; organization of the center; and curriculum vitae of the person expected to be the Director of the center;

Notes: The director of center must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Having a good record;
  • Having management ability;
  • Graduating from a IT university, or another university but having a basic IT application certificate according to the IT skills standards or equivalent in compliance with existing regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and Ministry of Information and Communications; and;
  • Having experience in educational activities.

3. A draft of the operation rule of the center.

• Number of applications: 01 set

• Time limit for processing: 15 working days after receiving the valid and complete applications.

• Licensing authority: Department of Training and Education.

• Results: A decision on the establishment of the IT center.

Step 2: Procedures for the operation of IT center


  1. Having managers, teachers, staff eligible for the operation requirement of the center; and
  2. Having facilities, equipment, programs, teaching materials, and funding sources eligible for education quality under the development plan and operation scale, of the center.

• Components of applications:

  1. A proposal for the educational operation;
  2. A valid copy of the decision on the establishment of the center which is issued by Hanoi Department Training and Education;
  3. The operation rule of the center; and
  4. A report on facilities, equipment, teaching program, teaching materials; managers, teachers; proof of location use; and funding sources.

• Number of applications: 01 set.

• Time limit for processing: 15 working days after receiving the valid and complete applications.

• Licensing authority: Department of Training and Education.

• Results: A certificate of educational operation.

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