Application for German visa for Vietnamese workers


A company intends to send an employee to work in Germany within 26 days. The company would like to know about regulations on granting a business visa for working in Germany.


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According to the laws of Germany, a business visa must be laid down behind the following conditions

  1. The working time of the employee does not exceed 90 days, and
  2. The employee is invited or sponsored by Germany company via an Invitation letter

If the mentioned-above conditions can be satisfied, the applicant shall submit documents to the German Embassy in Vietnam for granting a business visa.

Checklist for business visa applications

a) Documents of the employee

  • 04 (four) recent, identical, biometric passport photos (45mm x 35mm);
  • The original passport which must be valid for at least 6 months and contain at least 2 blank visa pages);
  • His/her ID card;
  • His/her birth certificate;
  • His/her social security booklet;
  • His/her bank statements of account;
  • His/her marriage certificate (if any) and the ID card of the employee’s spouse;
  • The Birth certificates and ID cards of all children of the employee; and
  • His/her Vietnamese family book

b) Documents of the Vietnamese company where the employee is working at

  • The enterprise registration certificate;
  • Deployment letter which confirms that the company bears all travel expenses;
  • Labor contract with the employee;
  • Round-trip tickets of the employee;
  • Valid booking confirmation from a hotel or another proof of / private accommodation with the full address (including name, street, city, zip code, contact information, booking reference, etc.);
  • Travel itinerary; and
  • Compulsory paid travel medical insurance which is valid for all Schengen states/countries and covers expenses for the entire period of intended stay, emergency treatment, and transport to home country for medical reasons, with the minimum coverage of EUR 30,000).

c) Documents of Germany sponsoring company

– An enterprise registration certificate or another equivalent, and

– An invitation letter

Processing time for application may take up to 15 days from the date of receipt of valid applications

Authority: German Embassy in Vietnam

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