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Reissuance of permanent residence card

01. Conditions for application

If permanent residence card is lost or, damaged, or its contents are changed, its holder must follow the procedures for reissuance of the card at the police authority of the province where he/she has the permanent residence.

02. Applicable laws

1. Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam 2014
2. Circular No. 04/2015/TT-BCA on specimen papers concerning foreigners entering, leaving, and residing in Vietnam

03. Procedure

Step 1: Prepare the following documents

  1. An application form for reissuance of the permanent residence card;
  2. The permanent residence card (or a report on the loss of the card);
  3. A certified true copy of the passport, except for those without nationalities;
  4. Papers proving the changes to the contents of the permanent residence card.

Step 2: Submit the file

The holder of the permanent residence card shall submit the file at police authority of the province

Step 3: Get result

Within 20 days from the day on which sufficient documents are received, the police authority of the province shall reissue the card.

04. Processing Time 20 business days

05. Service fee USD 350

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