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Procedure for cancellation of seal issued by police

01. Conditions for application

1. Enterprises established before July 01, 2015 may keep using their seals without notifying the seal models to business registration authorities. Any enterprise that makes additional seals or changes the ink color of the seal shall follow the procedures for notifying the seal model according to regulations on enterprise registration.
2. In case an enterprise established before July 01, 2015 makes a new seal, the old seal and the certificate of seal registration must be returned to the police authority that issued the certificate. The police authority shall issue a note of receipt when receiving the enterprise’s seal.

02. Applicable laws

Decree 96/2015/ND-CP by Government

03. Procedure

Step 1: Prepare the following documents

  1. A written request for returning the seal which clearly specify reason for returning
  2. Valid copy of enterprise registration certificate, investment certificate or decision on establishment
  3. Original of certificate of seal registration of police office
  4. Introduction letter of person returning the seal together with its identification document

Step 2: Submit documents

  1. The enterprise shall submit the documents at the police office issuing the seal
  2. The police office shall receive the documents and make a receipt

Step 3: Get result

Within 05 working days, the enterprise brings the seal and the receipt to the police office to make a record of collection of seal.


04. Processing Time 05 working days

05. Service fee VND 1,2 million

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