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Postponement of investment schedule

01. Conditions for application

With respect to projects for which an Investment Registration Certificate is issued or the decision on the investment policy is made, an investor must propose in writing to the investment registration agency any postponement of the schedule of realisation of investment capital, the schedule of construction and commissioning of main works (if any); or the schedule of realization of operational objectives of the investment project.

02. Applicable laws

1. Investment Law 2014
2. Circular No. 16/2015/TT-BKHDT

03. Procedure

Step 1: Prepare a written proposal on the postponement of investment schedule

Step 2: Submit the proposal to

1. Province-level Department of Planning and Investment (“DPI”); or
2. Management Board of industrial park, processing zone or high-tech park (“Management Board”) (if the investment project is located within these areas)

Step 3: The DPI or Management Board shall, within a time-limit of 15 working days, provides its opinions on the postponement. If the postponement is agreed, the investor shall obtain an amended Investment Registration Certificate

04. Processing Time 15 working days

05. Service fee USD 800

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